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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Come Unto Me Bracelets - Beauty with a Purpose

Create something your girls will truly enjoy wearing when it's time to be recognized.
These bracelets are great for birthdays, Achievement Days, and baptism recognitions.

As always, the goal is to help each child gain a personal testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ, who came to earth and fulfilled his Father's plan, who gave his life freely for all of us so that we could return to him and live eternally.

"Come Unto Me" bracelets are beauty with a purpose.
Made with only the purest ingredients.
Hand crafted with love and patience.
100% daily allowance of prayers and blessings

I admit, I love to create jewelry, and this was the perfect excuse to share something with our beautiful young girls. I have created several different types, some for our nursery angels, all the way up to our graduating 12 year olds, including a special baptism bracelet for our 8-year old darlings who come unto the waters of baptism and receive the Holy Ghost.

Each bracelet comes in its own jewelry box with the poem printed on cardstock with ribbon tassles. The girls love to wear their bracelets to Church and share their testimonies with one another.

You Are Special
Let this bracelet be a constant reminder that you are wonderful, special, and unique.Each stone shares a special message.

You Are Special (Begin reading left to right)
You are special, you, yes you! (pink heart)
We know this to be true.
Though we may be different inside and out. (different colored beads)
Your light shines through and through. (silver bead)
God sent you to your parents, here upon the earth. (green bead)
It all began that special day, the day that marked your birth. (white bead)
God wants you to learn many things, to walk inside his light. (clear beads)
To pray to him daily, every morning, every night. (yellow & blue beads)
With love (heart) and trust he’ll show the way, his manner meek and mild.
He’ll walk with you and talk with you, nurture you as a child.
Ask God to help you always, (clear crystal), to try with all your might.
To make the right decisions, to always choose the right. (turquoise beads)
You are special (blue bead) yes it’s true, for there is only one of you. (gold bead)
With God’s guidance (clear bead) you will see…
You’re loved through all eternity. (turquoise heart)

May this bracelet help you remember your wonderful decision to enter the waters of baptism. Each stone conveys a special message.

Many, many years ago there was a special man.
He came to earth from heaven above to fulfill Heavenly Father’s plan.
His name was Jesus, his heart was pure.
He loved both me and you.
He gave his life for all mankind, the Scriptures say it’s true.
Our sins were washed away that day he died upon the cross.
For all he came to bring us back, so no soul would be lost.
Your baptism is a special time… the angels sing above.
“Oh Lord, let us rejoice today. Our hearts are filled with love!”
The water is pure, you’re dressed in white, the Holy Ghost shines down its light.
Your family and friends think to themselves, “There is not a more beautiful sight.
”May your heart remember this moment, may your hear each of us say,
“Congratulations on your baptism, on this most precious day!”

Bead Meanings
White Round Beads: You and Your White Baptismal Clothing
Clear Crystals: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost
Gold Beads: Eternal Life and Heaven Above
Silver Flowers: The Angels Singing and Rejoicing
Silver Beads: You are Pure and Spotless
Clear Round Beads: The Baptismal Ordinance and Confirmation of the Holy Ghost
Cross Charm: The Everlasting Gospel

God's Promises
Let this unique bracelet be a reminder of the promises the Lord has made with you.
Let it be your strength to lift you ,and support you, and nurture you along life’s way.

Gods' Promises (Read the message for the bracelet from left to right)
The first commandment God gave us was:

“Thou shalt love (heart) the Lord thy God (clear crystal) with all thy heart (rainbow crystal), and with all thy soul (gold crystal), and with all thy mind (light blue crystal), and with all thy strength (light yellow crystal). Mark 12:30

As we do our best to keep the commandments, we too receive promises from God:

I (clear crystal )will never leave you (pearl) nor forsake you. Hebrews 13:5

I (clear crystal) will give you (pearl) the desires (3 beads) of your heart (heart). Psalms 37:4

I (clear crystal) will strengthen (gold crystal) you (pearl) after you suffer trials (dark beads).
1 Peter 5-10

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